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Sophie Eruokwu

Artist and Author of "The U.S.K", the Hailey Quarks series, and more to come


New Release

Hailey Quarks and the Great Charity Race

Join Hailey Quarks, a lively 3rd grader, on an adventure as her class starts a fundraising contest. The prize? A shiny brand-new bike, and Hailey is determined to win it. But as unexpected challenges appear, can Hailey still find a way to triumph?

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Upcoming Events

Stay up to date with all the events Sophie hosts

Hailey Quarks and the Great Charity Race Book Launch

Tuesday August 29th 2023

 Saint John Public Library, Market Square, Saint John

11:30AM - 1:30PM EST

This book launch is a collaborative effort by Sophie Eruokwu, the Saint John Regional Hospital Foundation, and the Saint John Public Library. 50% of the net proceeds from the book sales will be donated to the Child Life Fund, an initiative under the Saint John Regional Hospital Foundation that brings comfort and support to young patients. For further insights into this heartwarming cause, we invite you to discover more here.


About Sophie Eruokwu

Explore the world of literature with Sophie Eruokwu, a young and talented writer. Her debut work, "The U.S.K," has already caught attention and showcases her limitless imagination. Sophie invites...

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